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If you have never heard of a solid state drive before, or an SSD as it’s usually referred to, then you may be in for shock as to how much time you have wasted waiting on your computer’s hard drive to start or complete tasks. To briefly explain, a solid state drive is a storage device that is found within your computer and will hold all of your data, including your operating system, pictures, videos and documents. The largest difference between your hard drive and a SSD is the fact that SSD’s increase your system’s speed immensely, never mind that they also come with a bunch of other features that make them far superior to that of a hard drive. Call me today about upgrading your computer to a SSD on 0418 530 133

Why an SSD?

Hard DiskSolid State DriveA SSD is …
Read Speed:Up to 150 MBUp to 510 MBup to 3.4 x faster
Write Speed:Up to 150 MBUp to 480 MBup to 3.2 x faster
Read Access:from 3.5 ms0.2 msup to 17.5 x faster
Write Access:from 3.5 ms0.4 msup to 8.8 x faster
Mechanical parts liable to defects:yesnoconsiderably more robust
Impact resistance during operation:60 g1,500 g25 x more impact resistant during operation
Impact resistance during storage:350 g1,500 g4.5 x more impact resistant during storage
Power consumption when idling:4 Watts and more0.05 – 1.3 Wattby a factor of 3.1 – 80 x more economical
Power consumption during accessing:6 Watts and more0.5 – 3 Wattby a factor of 2 – 12 x more economical
Silent Operationnoyescompletely noiseless
Weight:ca. 100 gramfrom 50 gramup to 50% lighter
Storage temperature:-40 – 70 °C-55 – 95 °Cinsensitive to extreme temperatures
Read operations:any numberany numbernot limited in case of read operations
Write operations:any number0.01 – 5 million
per cell
Limited, in case of write operations
Maximum storage capacity:up to 2.0 TBup to 1.5 TBcurrently, still smaller
Price per GB:from Euro 0.06from Euro 1.39currently, still more expensive

*Sources: Wikipedia, Samsung, test laboratory

There is a huge difference between the performance of a standard hard drive and an SSD

There will be performance increases in:
  1. Startup
  2. Shutdown
  3. Updating – Windows, anti-virus program etc
  4. Starting up and closing programs such as
  5. Outlook – downloading and sending emails
  6. Word
  7. Excel
  8. Adobe Reader
  9. Internet Browser – opening webpages
  10. Downloading, Installing & Uninstalling programs
  11. Less heat
  12. Less power
  13. No hard drive noise

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Prices per gigabyte have come down considerably in the last 12 months.