How Much Do You Charge?

Computer and Laptop services

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I charge $100 for my 1st hour. If additional time is required I charge $40 per 30 minutes or part thereof.


Payment Methods:




Direct Deposit on the day


If I am not able to resolve the problem easily at your place I may have to take the computer offsite where I have additional equipment and resources to tackle the problem.

I offer a free “Unplug and Collect” service and then complete the work in my fully fitted work shop. This service includes delivering and re-connecting your computer when the work is done.

Whatever your requirements, small or large, you can be sure that I’ll always deal with your requests quickly and professionally and have the computer back to you in the quickest time possible.



phone 0418-530-133


Computer services vary greatly from one task to the next, but most problems can be fixed within the 1st hour.


Give me a call or send me an email with a description of your computer problem or request and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.