Hard Drive Data Recovery





















Hard Drive Data Recovery


There is a very high chance I can recover data if it is exhibiting the following symptoms:

• Hard drive is virus infected
• Hard drive appears unformatted
• Operating system freezing
• Operating system hanging
• Operating system not booting
• Computer restarting
• BIOS not detecting drive
• Accidental file deletion
• Accidental drive formatting
• Accidental drive imaging
• Unable to access operating system partition
• Unable to access operating data partition/s

I can also recover data from external/backup drives and SDcards.

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If your hard drive is exhibiting the following symptoms it will need to go to a data recovery company that is expert in retrieving data from a drive that is exhibiting either an electronic problem or hardware failure.


Hard Drive Data Recovery

• Hard drive is producing clunking sounds
• Hard drive is producing clicking sounds
• Hard drive is producing knocking sounds
• Hard drive is producing whistling sounds
• Hard drive is producing grinding sounds
• Hard drive is producing smoke
• Hard drive is fire damaged
• Hard drive is not starting up – no power
• Hard drive starts up and shuts downs in a loop

Suggested company to try:

Re-Source Hardware – http://www.recoverdata.com.au/

Data recovery Australia wide. Data recovery costs from $495 (if successful)
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Contact: (03) 9832 0999

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