Benefits of Solid State Storage


Solid State Storage is the name for a new type of hard drive technology properly called *SSD which basically means Solid State Drive.

The general public are just beginning to be educated in the benefits this technology can bring to desktops and laptops and have begun switching to SSD’s in order to rid themselves of the problems that occur due to the inefficiencies of the standard hard disk.

The only benefit a normal hard drive has at this point in time is capacity. Some will argue that SSD’s are expensive compared to a normal hard drives. While it is true that the price of a comparative sized SSD and a standard hard drive is significant the benefits outweigh that perceived negative aspect. An SSD was until recently only available in sizes from 60GB up to 2TB but the largest SSD available now for general consumers is 4TB, announced recently by Samsung.


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Benefits of Using a Solid State Drive:

There is a huge difference between the performance of a standard hard drive and an SSD.
A Solid State Drive has access times that are approximately 250 times that of a standard hard drive.
There will be major performance increases in:
Startup – Solid State Drives can boot up over 25 times faster than the standard hard drive

Shutdown is faster

Windows updates, anti-virus updates etc. are faster

Starting up and closing programs is faster such as;

Outlook – downloading and sending emails


Excel – large spreadsheets

Adobe Reader

Photoshop – large files

Internet Browsers – opening webpages

Downloading, Installing & Uninstalling programs

Less heat  (ideal for laptops)

Less power (ideal for laptops)

No hard drive noise

Vibration resistant (ideal for laptops)

Solid State definition:

¬†Solid state, at its most basic level, means “no moving parts.” Therefore, solid state electronic devices are made up of solid components that do not move. Some examples include computer motherboards and integrated circuits. Devices that use only solid state parts, such as television sets, speakers, and digital watches, are often referred to as solid state products.

Flash memory devices are solid state products, while hard drives are not. This is because hard drives use a spinning disk and moving drive head to read and write data, while flash memory uses electric charges to perform the same functions. For this reason, flash memory devices are seen as more durable than hard drives. This is why flash memory is often used in products such as portable MP3 players, mobile phones, Ipads, and digital cameras.

Because solid state devices have no moving parts, they are less likely to break down than devices that have moving mechanisms. For this reason, it is often more worthwhile to buy an extended warranty on electronics that have moving parts than those that do not. That is something you may want to think about next time you are shopping.

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