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Youtube Viewers Beware Malicious Ads

Watching Youtube videos is ok, but beware of those ads that come up while watching. Not the ones that play within the youtube video player but the ones that come up superimposed over part of the screen that steal your view. Usually you have to find the little [X] to get rid of them. If you click on those ads… Read more →

Difference Downloading, Uploading and Installing?

Difference Downloading, Uploading and Installing?   I have customers tell me they downloaded a program when they mean they installed a program.  Some also say they are trying to install a program when they mean they are trying to download a program. It can be confusing. So…. Q: What is the difference between Downloading, Uploading and Installing? A: Downloading –… Read more →

Windows 8.1 Start Button

Give me back my Start Button The biggest thing people complain about in regards to Windows 8/8.1 is, it’s not easy getting around the computer to the various places they are familiar with a central starting point. Windows 8.1 sort of addressed this short coming. You right click on the Windows icon/start button which is still not that friendly for… Read more →

Windows 8 Cheap Effective Home Server Windows 8 has taken it on the chin for all sorts of transgressions — both real and imagined — but for one application, it’s an excellent option. As a home or small-office server, it might be just the excuse you need to take advantage of Microsoft’s discounted Win8 pricing. Why an average PC user might want a server First,… Read more →

Windows 7 Hidden Regional Themes Windows 7 comes with lots of new themes which can be accessed using Desktop Personalization window. You’ll see “Architecture, Characters, Landscapes, Nature and Scenes” themes along with an extra regional theme. This regional theme depends upon your region which you selected while installing Windows 7.   As you can see in above screenshot, an extra regional theme for… Read more →